Best Places to Visit in Sri Lanka

Planning your trip for holiday? Sri Lanka can be the best choice. Want to discover new ideas and innovative places? Visit Sri Lanka one of the best tourist places in the entire world. This place has its importance and is quite inexpensive to visit. You can book your tourism package online from any website. Explore more with the beautiful and best places in Sri Lanka. Some tourist places to visit in Srilanka are given below.

Visit dramatic site Sigiriya

One of the best dramatic sights is Sigiriya famous for its palace. On the top of the rock almost 200 meters high there is a palace with an extensive garden as reserves. The ancient rocks and volcanoes predefine prehistoric times and the inhabitation of humans. Syria is also known as lion rock. It is situated in the Matale district of Sri Lanka. It is also included in the World Heritage site.

Beaches to mingle

The one and only Mirissa and the southern beaches are the best beaches in Sri Lanka. It can be the best vacation place to visit. Spend your weekend on the idyllic beach of Mirissa. Mingle all around with the crowd and have some time in the shade of a palm tree. Notice the playful dolphins and the calm environment rolling on and on.

Historical sites

Anuradhapura Is one of the best historical places to visit in Sri Lanka. The stupa, bowl-shapeddagobas, scared tanks will scare you. It contained the oldest tree where Buddha attained enlightenment 2000 years ago. 14 kilometers ahead is the village and the temple named Mihintale. Our best and wonderful place to observe the historical and spiritual God of Srilankan.

National Park

The huge chunks of animals in Sri Lanka. The forest, waterholes, groves are the home for animals like crocodiles, tropical birds, elephants, Buffalo, etc. A bunch of elephants roams in the National Park. Uda Walawe is the best National Park of Sri Lanka should be visited by tourists. The best attraction will never let you down.

Famous fort in Srilanka

The most popular Galle Fort is the tourist place in Srilanka. It was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and reinforced by Dutch in the 17th century. Enjoy the spectacular vision of the sea from the fort. Walk with your foot in the cobblestoned pathway. It has a small food corner, shops, cafes to enjoy your day.

Orphanage for elephant

PinnawaleElephant orphanage is an attractive tourist spot. The uniqueness of this place will attract the vision of visitors. Baby elephants enjoy the day with shallow waters. This can be a perfect picnic spot for you. This place is surrounded by nature and the orphanage is itself showing some good work. Taking care of elephants in this elephant orphanage is a wonderful and innovative idea.

Yala National Park

The National Park where you can enjoy the wildlife centuries. Attracted to adventurous safaris? Deep inside the jungle visit the National Park full of adventurous trip with animals. Sri Lankan elephants and leopards will be noticed in this adventurous trip.


Visiting Sri Lanka is something different but neglecting Colombo is the ultimate sin. This place is surrounded by the street food of Sri Lanka. The perfect and delicious food with the relaxing mood in the temple of Buddhist beside it. The experience will satisfy your need and desire for a lifetime.

Breathtaking views

Ella a small town 150 kilometers from Colombo’s famous tourist destination. You can observe breathtaking views of mountains. The best place to visit in Sri Lanka is situated with green vegetation and tea plantation. This place is surrounded by hills and a perfect place for trekking. Enjoy the terrific view of mountains along with sipping tea. Nature and the green mountains will soothe and calm your mood. There is a train ride from Kandy to Nuwara Elya. The excellent atmosphere will boost up your temperature and mood.

Cave temple

Dambulla cave temple depicts the old culture and history. This is one of the cultural hot spots entry Lanka. The 12thCentury back paintings and statues will amaze you. There is a total five-room where Buddha statues of different sizes are kept. It looks beautiful to watch the view of historical-cultural events. One of the famous mountains, you can climb and view the 360-degree surrounding.

Adam peak

Adam peak is situated in central Sri Lanka. It is a tall colonial mountain registered under the UNESCO World Heritage site. The peak is surrounded by greenery. It is also known as a sacred footprint. Here you can notice the sunrise and the sunset. It is the best spot for tourists. You should visit this place and enjoy the nature greenery. The amazing view will make your mind full. The rocks formation at the peak is the traditional footprint of Buddha.

Ceylon tea trails

Want something luxurious? A luxury boutique hotel and tea estate welcome you all. Enjoy the delicious service in colonial bungalows with their private butler service. Concerns are shown in these luxury bungalows. Enjoy the luxury with delicious food and cuisine in Sri Lanka. Relax your mind and enjoy quality time with your near and dear ones.


Want to spend your time on a beach? The beach gateway excellent place to spend quality time with your friends and families.A popular tourist place with excellent watersports activities. You can notice deep-sea diving on the beach. Excited to watch exotic marine life on the water on this beach? The excellent and innovative beach will calm your mind immediately.


Want to explore the full package? Sri Lanka will be the best tourist, picnic spot to be visited. Once you visit here you will never regret it till your lifetime. Life is a fun part and you need to explore every place. Plan your vacation to Srilanka and never miss the chance for an adventurous trip. Good and bad memories will stay in your mind whenever you visit the beautiful site.

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