Top Things to do in Singapore

What to do in Singapore is not an easy task. In this city, you’ll find a plethora of stunning attractions and fun activities for the whole family. Singapore’s Merlion is a well-known landmark, and it makes our list alongside Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer, all of which provide spectacular views of the city’s cityscape.

These two gourmet and retail meccas are representative of the country’s tremendous ethnic variety.  Here is the list of top things to do in Singapore. 

  • Explore the heartlands: As the saying goes, you haven’t gone to Singapore until you’ve experienced our heartland’s wonders. Take the bus or rail to Tiong Bahru, Toa Payoh, Joo Chiat, Jalan Besar, and Bedok, which are all nice neighborhoods. Visit the wet markets early morning to make friends with the aunts and uncles and eat some real local hawker food.  
  • Find the seven Merlions: The seven Merlions in Singapore were a surprise to many. That’s correct, and two of them aren’t even allowed to be there (legally). Singapura (which means “lion city”) was Singapore’s original name, and the fish-lion emblem depicts the island nation as a fishing hamlet. Ang Mo Kio, Sentosa, Merlion Park, Tourism Court, and Mount Faber all are the best places to visit in Singapore
  • Go island-hopping: Visit the outlying islands of our city via ferry for the day. Kusu Island’s calm beaches are ideal for a picnic, while St. John’s Island’s quiet holiday cottages with barbeque pits are a popular choice. Get in contact with Mother Nature with a snorkeling, camping, or hiking trip to Sisters’ Islands.
  • Visit Botanical Gardens: As one of the top tourist attractions of Singapore, the Botanical Gardens was nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status for the first time. Gardens conserve Singapore’s wild history and showcase it to the world in a way that entices visitors to remain for as long as possible. There are plenty of natural attractions in this magnificent garden setting that will appeal to nature lovers and animal enthusiasts alike!                      
  • Eat Out for Lunch: Restaurants in Singapore give 20 percent discount at lunch, making them a terrific value for diners. There are also set lunches, which offer a discount on supper meals and allow you to have a bit more flexibility in what you eat. In the subterranean mall, there are even more lunch deals to be found in the form of restaurants.
  • Check out street art: The ever-famous Banksy is one of those folks who takes his art to the streets. There are areas in Singapore that are (legally) contaminated with unique and stunning street art, despite our rigorous street art rules. You’d want to discover street art. There are intriguing creative doodles on the walls and in public locations in Haji Lane, Clarke Quay, Kampong Glam, and other areas.
  • Uncover Singapore’s secret spots: After revealing them with you, they’re no longer a well-guarded secret. You may also go on a quest to locate caverns, beaches, forts, and more.
  • Find the Gotham City building: Bruce Wayne, would you want to participate? Parkview Square, Singapore’s Gotham City, may not be home to Mr. Batman, but it’s Art Deco architecture will make you feel like you’re invading. A gin bar named Atlas is also housed in this structure, as well as a free art gallery. Gotham City building is one of the top places to visit in Singapore. 
  • Roam around the red-light district: As immaculate as Singapore’s Garden City may be, it is not without its vices, with Geylang being one of the best tourist attractions in Singapore. In its place, discover the neighborhood’s lively and time-worn streets, which are packed with street food, durian vendors, cafés, and boutique boutiques.
  • Day out at Singapore Zoo: One of the finest zoos in the world and the popular tourist spot in Singapore. The Singapore Zoo, located on a peninsula in the Upper Seletar Reservoir, spans 28 luscious hectares and features animals from across the world in vast, natural habitat-like cages. ibexes, baboons, and mongooses live in the Great Rift Valley, whereas two-toed sloths and flying foxes live in the Fragile Forest biodome.
  • Explore a mangrove trail: It is Singapore’s first Asian National Park and is home to a vast mangrove forest packed with monitor lizards, otters, eagles, and even crocodiles, as well as a variety of other wildlife. During migration season, from September to March, shorebirds, waders, plovers, and sandpipers can be seen. It is the best place to see in Singapore. 
  • Shop on Orchard Road: Shopping strip in Singapore, renowned for its fashion boutiques. Instead of orchards, you’ll find dazzling malls, department stores, and designer boutiques here. Here, you may spend days shopping and eating at the malls’ superb food courts.
  • Day out at universal studio: The renowned Hollywood movie theme park has opened a branch in Singapore. Sentosa Island’s Resorts World has a seven-world theme park. Very famous with families, the park offers a variety of activities for younger children, such as the Great Journey of Puss in Boots in Far Far Away, Dino-Soarin’ in The Lost World, and the Sesame Street Show in Hollywood, which includes singing and dancing. Battlestar Galactica, the world’s highest dueling roller coaster, is located at Sci-Fi City. Transformers the Ride is also located in Sci-Fi City and takes you on a 3D thrill ride through an urban otherworld where Transformer’s battle and engage in high-speed chases.
  • Ride the Singapore Flyer: One of the largest viewing wheels in the world. Marina Bay’s 165m-tall Ferris wheel dominates Singapore’s skyline, especially at night when it is illuminated. Second in size only to Las Vegas’ High Roller Wheel, Singapore Flyer whisks you high above the city for 30 minutes of spectacular views of Marina Bay and the CBD skyscrapers, as well as historic buildings in Colonial District and the South China Sea ships. The Singapore Flyer is operated by the Singapore Tourism Board. Riding the Singapore Flyer is the best thing to do in Singapore. 
  • Set foot on Kampong Glam’s buzzing streets: There are vivid murals, local cuisines, small boutique boutiques, fashionable cafés, and a beautiful mosque in Singapore’s Arab neighborhood Kampong Glam. Take home some Egyptian or Middle Eastern scent or stunning traditional batik items while you’re there.

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Singapore is a fascinating location, which offers the best of both worlds, combining the best of old and new. Whether you’re on a budget trip, honeymoon, or family vacation, this is a must-see treasure of South-East Asia. Singapore is a definite must-see location in 2021. In favour of visiting this ever-exciting locale. We provide a wide range of travel packages that will allow you to experience the finest of Singapore at a reasonable cost.

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